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What Our Customers Are Saying

Here's what some of our customers say about our proucts. We appreciate all of our customers' testimonials.

Dr Peterson

We recieved the test kits. The CE and MHRA registration was an important factor for our purchase. This is a vital test to monitor COVID-19 safety not only for our staff but our patients although more tests may be needed in the future. We are very pleased.

Easy to use
Clinical Trials Lab

Good product. It's easy to use and results are fast. We had difficulty finding proper CE approved kits so this is very helpful for myself and the staff.

Dr Parminder Sharma, GP

Pleased with the proper, good-quality COVID-19 kit. All as described.

Michael D.

Everything was brillant about the Coronavirus test, the minute i order it, to the speed of getting test results right on the spot I honestly think if anyone needs a corona test done this is the place to order from 100%


Easy to use and good instructions . Happy to answer any queries. Would definitely recommend.


(a) They dispatched the shipment faster than the two week processing (with in 48 hours of ordering)
(b) My tracking information showed delivery was delayed. However given we are in a pandemic, that is forgivable.
(c) There is shortage overwhelmed due to said pandemic, and can take a delay to get a kit if stock is out, but it's worth it.

Mr Roberts

I've ordered several COVID-19 test kits from Biolab for our medical staff because we need kits with proper CE validation. Biolab is the only B2C retail supplier we have found who provide proper kits registered and approved with the MHRA.

Mr T White

I purchased two kits for my parents at the beginning of June. The order was backordered but arrived within three weeks, faster than expected. We got the report on the results right away. Good instructions and easy process.

James, Lab Tech

Excellent shop, knowledgeable staff, fairly priced